Stop using your SMTP server for email campaigns

EmailAlmost every application nowadays involves sending emails in one or another form. Even the simplest web site will probably require some kind of user management that will send confirmation/forgotten password emails to its users. This can grow to sites sending thousands of emails every month, be it in the form of a newsletter or any other types. A typical approach from developer’s point of view is either to set up a local SMTP server or use a public one (f.x., Gmail). This approach works fine, however it can cause problems when the number of (simultaneous) emails to be sent out increases. Continue Reading…

The Social Motives in SharePoint 2010

Have you already had a look at the newest SharePoint 2010? If not, do it as fast as possible! SharePoint 2010 offers not only great design but also an improved user experience. Silverlight has become an irreplaceable part of it. You can find its usage everywhere and thus making the experience smoother.

SharePoint has become much more than a document sharing server. The first things I was impressed by were the social elements. As you all know we live in the social networks era, that’s why you are not surprised to find such motives in SharePoint 2010.

Tags, rating, like functionality are all present and you may benefit from them. But it is not limited to this. The entire structure of the platform is made to accommodate a social network. The relation between employees is enhanced in a manner that everyone can see and read details about others. Continue Reading…

Silverlight Client for Facebook

The Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook has been released as a developer preview sample. In order to use it you must have Silverlight 4 developer builds installed. There is a sample application which does the same things you can do when using Facebook web version. There are a lot of cool ways to explore your Facebook information. It supports some kind of Outlook integration – if you right-click on events that you may have to send an email and such.

You can download the application and try it yourself. It can also be intalled on Mac but only if Intel is inside. Enjoy! 🙂

Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform

Microsoft has just released a new SDK, which aims to empower the social networking development. This SDK combines the power of Web, client and social technologies to enable developers to spread their creativity. No matter what your application flavor is, the Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform supports the development of applications across Silverlight, WPF, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Forms, enabling easy consumption of Facebook services delivered through the Facebook Open Stream API.

To get started you have to download the SDK and refer to the “How to” guides and the Facebook Developer Wiki to get familiar with these new resources.

  1. Download the SDK.
  2. Refer to the detailed instructions on the Facebook Developer Wiki. Here are some important links to use as a starting point.

Read more at the official site of the SDK.