The Wheel of WebAssembly

I have been following the WebAssembly development since its initiation and givenĀ talks about it, but I haven’t really blogged anything related to it. In this post I want to share with you an idea I got some time ago about gathering all languages that can be compiled to WebAssembly. You can see the demo or browse the source.

The initial idea around WebAssembly was to allow compilation from C and C++, as there are many libraries (f.x., gaming, VR, codecs) that could be ported to the Web right away. The compilation architecture is designed to be extensible, meaning that other languages could also be compiled to WebAssembly. Indeed, other language creators (and the community behind them) started experimenting with that.

My idea with the Wheel of WebAssembly is to create a demo of each language that can be compiled to WebAssembly. As the WASM format is standardized, in theory I would expect to get “same” WASM files and to be able to load them on the Web the same way. In practice, it is not the case. Continue Reading…