Won the First Prize!

Silverlight 2 ContestAs I created my latest Silverlight 2 game I read about the contest “Write and Win”, organized by Michael Sync and sponsored by SilverlightShow.net and Steven Hong. I decided to write a simple article, describing the whole process of creating my game: what kind of problems I have encountered, how I have solved them, what techniques I have used, etc.

The contest was closed on 25.07.2008 and then the voting began. It has been two days of voting when on 27.07.2008 the contest was finally over! I was very surprised when Michael Sync published the final results – I won the first prize! I am very happy that people liked my article and voted for me! I am a great fan of Silverlight and I like this way of attracting users to try it.

Here is a list of all contestants:

Here is the results of the voting:

Silverlight 2 Write and Win Contest Votes